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Filled Diesel in Petrol Car, Van or Truck? We Can Fix It

It seldom happens that someone fills a petrol vehicle with diesel because of bigger diesel pump nozzle. In fact, less than 5% cases of wrong fueling involve putting diesel into petrol. If you’ve somehow done so, there is no need to be frustrated because it isn’t going to wreck the engine.Just keep the engine shut and give GMM1 a phone call for help.If you show any negligence in this regard, things may become worse for your vehicle as well as your pocket.

24/7 Diesel in Petrol Fix Service in London & Surrounding Areas

GMM1 team is trained toaddress fuel contamination issues with efficient cleaning methods. Our specialist wrong fuel engineers know to make your car roadworthy in shortest possible time. No matter day or night, you can call us for assistance with confidence, trust and no hesitation at all. Our team loves to serve with quick response and gives complete customer care.We can relieve your worries if you are anywhere in London or suburbs.

Small Amount vs Large Amount of Diesel in Petrol

To tell you the good news, diesel in petrol isn’t the worst case scenario for you. Diesel is a good lubricant and in fact, the fuel ratio of 95 to 5 % (Petrol: Diesel) is good for engine-health. Thus, adding about five litres of diesel won’t inflict severe damage on the engine. The trouble begins when you brim the petrol tank with the diesel and then don’t get it flushed for hours. Therefore, you better act quickly and call GMM1 engineers to resolve the issue professionally.

How GMM1 Drains Diesel from Petrol Vehicles

GMM1 team consists of technicians having years of experience on their backs. Here’s a brief account of the steps that will be followed by our experts.

  • First of all, the fuel tank will be emptied by connecting another storage tank to it.
  • To make sure there remains no trace of debris or contaminated fuel, cleaning of all fuel lines and filters will be carried outs.
  • The tank will be carefully inspected again and then filled with 5-10 litres of correct fuel so that you may reach the nearest fuel station.
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24 hour mobile fuel drain service

How long will GMM1 Team Take to Drain the Fuel?

Each minute of waiting period seems an hour-long when you are standing beside a misfuelled car in the middle of road or at fuel station. Hence, GMM1 team will do its best to reach your location as soon as possible. The flushing process will barely take 20 to 25 minutes and you’ll be able to drive your car within an hour. Despite making quick recovery, our technicians will ensure you get finest quality treatment.

Lowest Prices without Invalidating Warranty

If you’ve called GMM1 for help, you won’t have to scratch your head in fear of emptying your pocket. Our diesel in petrol cleaning service is the most affordable in London. Moreover, our team will not void the warranty of your vehicle by avoiding unnecessary repairs and replacements. So why not contact us and get going again with a look of satisfaction on your face.

CALL US ON - 020 3143 5992

24 hour mobile fuel drain service